Cape Elisabeth

Sand Drift Landscape Restoration

Aerial seeding at Cape Elisabeth stage 1

Aerial seeding at Cape Elisabeth stage 2

Project Name
Cape Elisabeth

Yorke Peninsula SA

Total area or influence

Time frame
6 years
(Planning to final implementation)

Project Value
Not available

Funding source



  1. Site analysis of environmental issues and production of reports to satisfy Local, State and Commonwealth government regulations and acts.
  2. Work with the land owner to implement regulatory requirements and  landscape restoration.

Implementation Activities

  • Regulatory reports
  • Project negotiations
  • Site planning
  • Native plant recovery pre development
  • Seed collection
  • Plant propagation
  • Sand- catch fencing
  • Revegetation with Local Native Species using the layering methodology
  • Aerial seeding
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation of results
  • Report progress to client, local government and
    SA Government