Sweet Pittosporum - Managing an Emerging Weed of Southern Australia

National Landcare Programme 25th Anniversary Landcare Grants 2014-15

Project Name
Sweet Pittosporum - Managing an Emerging Weed of Southern Australia 

Central Mount Lofty Ranges

Total area or influence
Approx. 30,000ha

Time frame
1 years 
(funded project)

Funding source
Australian Government via
National Landcare Program



A changing climate will also lead to a significant change in the composition of our remaining native vegetation, species diversity and external influences. These and changing weather patterns will enable some exotic plants to thrive thus changing the behaviour of bushfires. 

The Project

Our 1 year funded project will implement a programme of weed control to improve the biodiversity of Eucalyptus obliqua woodlands of the Central Mount Lofty Ranges (around 30,000ha) in SA. Specifically, the project will investigate suitable control methods for Sweet Pittosporum (a weed of national significance) and to allow for the regeneration of native bushland on private and public land in the region. Local landowners, Councils, NRM and landcare groups will be educated on the benefits of this project and how the weed control methods be incorporated into better land management practices.