Dryland Farm Forestry

Growing trees for profit is a long-term rewarding investment opportunity that good land managers will not regret.

Over time these plants will provide well understood benefits to crops and livestock including.

  • Shade
  • Shelter
  • Windbreaks
  • Habitats
  • Fire wood & other wood products
  • Honey, oils, etc

More recently, through ongoing research, other exciting opportunities have immerged that will offer direct production improvements by enhancing biological activities, retain soil moisture and improve fertiliser efficiencies. These include;

  • Biochar
  • Organic carbon
  • Mulches
  • Composts

Other products include

  • Bioenergy
  • Wood Pellets
  • Bio-Fuels
  • Processed structural timbers
  • Bio-based alternatives (GlycellTM process) to replace oil based products

Establishing the right species in the most efficient manner is important if the full potential is to be realised.

Vision and Innovation is the key to success.

Our team is available to assist grow your next tree crop.