Native Grasses for improved pasture systems

Changing climatic conditions with extremes in low rainfall and very hot summers are a challenge to our Environmental and Agricultural systems.

As an example, in the environment Native Grasses such as Red Grass - Bothriochloa macra are now naturally moving into areas where they were rarely found (past high rainfall sites). Unlike trees and shrubs these species have the ability to adapt with the change in climate.

The challenge for Environmental restoration programs is what species to start to move towards.

In Agriculture much of the intensively grazed Southern Australia has been modified to high input high output pasture systems. Some of these drying areas will not support this type of production system.

The challenge for Agriculture is going to be what grass cover species do I replace with to maintain healthy production.

With so many species of Native Grasses available they are likely to become more important than ever before.


Some productive Native Grass examples

  • Kangaroo Grass - Themeda triandra
  • Wallaby Grass - Rytidosperma species (Many)
  • Spear Grass - Austrostipa species (Many)
  • Silky Blue Grass - Dichanthium sericeum
  • Red Grass - Bothriochloa macra
  • Weeping rice grass - Microleana stipoides