South Australian No Till Farmers Association (SANTFA) impressed with dryland revegetation

During a recent biodiversity and revegetation field day members of SANTFA were impressed with techniques used to establish very large hectares of native vegetation and the success of the revegetation given no additional water was used to assist plant survival.

The day included discussions regarding the value of biodiversity in and around farms.

Wayne Brown, General Manager for Environments by Design explained the purpose of renewal of native vegetation in and around farms was extremely important to provide sanctuary for crop pollinators .

Improving existing native vegetation or implementing a revegetation plan will assist may crop pollinators like honey bees, wasps, flies, beetles and moths to survive continue their lifecycle.

Wayne indicated that due to o going drought conditions and lack of rainfall over the years has effected existing and older patches of vegetation. This vegetation is struggling and it is essential that new "large-scale" plantings should be made part of the overall yearly management of any property.

Pollinators are essential for food production and sustainable farming practices.