Eremophylla Research Project

Eremophila (Emu Bush) is a highly variable perennial species, ranging from a low shrub as wide as 3 metres, to an erect shrub of 2 metres in height. Eremophylla is very drought tolerant species growing in rainfall from 150mm to 600mm across all mainland states. It has a long flowering season, from spring to autumn, with variable tubular flowers and grey to grey green to green foliage. 

When consumed, foliage of Eremophylla can significantly reduce methangenic emissions from livestock (Cattle).

The outcome of this project is to expand on existing knowledge of in-field Eremophylla grazing and demonstrate a measurable supply process suitable for reducing methane emissions in large-scale intensive animal operations (feedlots, dairies, etc..).

The project will demonstrate Eremophylla establishment and production methods under different environments, specifically for the purpose of foliage harvesting and conversion into feed pellets suitable for supplementing feed demand at intensive livestock operations.

Project Details