The Murray Mallee’s Largest Revegetation Project

The Murray Mallee’s largest revegetation project, now in year 2, is in full swing around the Noora Salt Interception Basin and on properties north of Pinnaroo near the Karte National Park and at Tailem Bend. The projects aim is to revegetate 1000 ha of cleared land which is unsuitable for farming and protect and improve 500 ha of existing native vegetation.

Sponsored by the Australian Government, Local Landowners and the South Australian No Till Farmers Association (SANTFA) the project is Project Managed by Environments by Design.

Spokes person for the project, well respected revegetation expert Wayne Brown from Environments by Design said, “Today on World Environment day, 15000 seedlings will be planted on the Karte property as part of that properties 40ha program. In the past week over 130km of planting lines have been ripped, 30,000 seedlings have been planted, 300km of direct seeding implemented and 450km of strips sprayed at the Noora salt interception basin.”

Mr Brown went on to say “this project is important to the region, to farmers and the environment because it will provide renewal of native species on a large scale, something that is needed as the existing mallee ages and dies and climate change impacts on the existing landscape”. The project has been strongly supported by local farmers and SA Field and Game Association who have assisted with seed collection. Local planting teams have been employed in the project.

In all 300h a will be planted and existing vegetation protected in 2014 which adds to the 150 ha planted in 2013. With just 1050 ha remaining over the next 4 years.

More information about the project is available by contacting Michele Henderson at or Wayne Brown on 0408 813 628.

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